CURRICULUM VITAE : Herman Oord, consulting architect

Knowledge and qualities:

  • Broad knowledge and qualities regarding : costs of shipbuilding, account calculations, purchase, hull purchase, sales, specifications, documentation, design, project team management, business relations, conciliation, arbitration, shipyard organisation.
  • Knowledge and qualities regarding : shipbuilding and outfitting, ship systems and components, financing, planning, supervising, ship repair and maintenance, ship conversion and production engineering.
  • Familiar with : administration, taxes, banking, investors, shipping, jurisdiction, subsidies, insurance and financial reorganisation.


2008 – present          Self-employed 

                              ConsultShip bv, Kampen

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1997 – 2008               Managing sales engineer, member of the management team:

                                     Medium-sized Dutch shipyard in “modern industrial style”. 

Managing sales engineer in a modern medium-sized Dutch shipyard for the new building of sea going cargo ships. Concise summary of the shipyard : annual capacity 6-10 ships, series of 4-12 vessels, annual turnover 35-70 million euro, fixed personnel 80-120 persons, industrial buildings for ships 135×18 metres. Hull construction in The Netherlands as well as subcontracted to foreign countries. Ship types: Sea-river cargo ships from 1.800 up to 3.300 ton deadweight and seagoing cargo ships from 3.600 up to 12.000 ton deadweight.


New building project(product) development:

  • Ship design in direct cooperation with the designer;
  • New building specifications and account calculations;
  • New building contracts of sale and new building offers in dialogue with the CEO;
  • Alternative product development : hotel passenger ships for inland navigation.


New building product realisation:

  • Maker list.
  • Tenders, purchase preparation for subcontractors of distinctive systems;
  • Tenders, purchase preparation for suppliers of distinctive components;
  • Purchase negotiations and purchases (annual 25-40 million euro);
  • Purchase of newly built hulls in foreign countries in direct cooperation with the CEO;
  • Checks and balances regarding the execution of the new building contract of sale;


  • Support to the management with regard to:
    • Shipyard organisation and reorganisation;
    • Financing shipyard and new building ships;
    • Planning & control;
    • Annual budget, annual statistics;
    • Subsidies;
    • Legal affairs;
    • Starting a new shipyard for newly built hulls in a foreign country;
    • Participant of the commercial team (assessment of new building requests);
    • Development of standard data forms and key figures.
  • Support to the new building production departments:
    • Project manager and specialist in complex guarantee/insurance matters;
    • Alterations in ship series (description, calculation, sale, purchase).
  • Day to day administration of the sales engineering department.

1988 – 1997               Manager ship repair and project manager new-building:

                                     Small Dutch ship-yard in “traditional style”. 


Manager ship repair and project manager new building in a traditional small Dutch shipyard, a family-owned company for new building and repair of inland navigation and small seagoing ships. Private manufactured hull, engine room and interior. Concise summary of the shipyard : annual capacity 1½ – 2 ships (new building) 150 ships (repair), personnel 30-45 persons (new building) 30-65 persons (repair), industrial buildings for ships 90×12,5 metres, total annual turnover approximately 10 million euro. Ship types: cargo ships for inland navigation, mussel cutters, ferry-boats, floating hotel-ship, hotel-passenger-ships for inland navigation, hull mega yacht, building blocks for third parties, 12 sea(river)ships of 1.500 ton up to 3.500 ton deadweight. Frequent services in the ship repair department: renovations, conversions, maintenance for various ship-types, replacing main engines and or propulsion plants, survey’s, damages and hull extensions.


New building product development and product realisation:

  • New building specifications and account calculations;
  • Tenders, purchase preparation for supplies and subcontracting;
  • Overall project manager of new building ships starting at the new building contract of sales, stopping after the warranty period. Contact person for the principal;
  • Purchase negotiations and purchases;
  • Purchase of newly built hulls in foreign countries in direct cooperation with the CEO;
  • Alterations in ship series (description, calculation, sale, purchase).


Manager ship repair department:

  • Planning en control;
  • Order intake and description of the services;
  • Cost calculation/offer/negotiation/sales in cooperation with the commercial manager;
  • Day to day administration of the ship repair department;
  • Purchase of expensive/difficult components or subcontracting;
  • Invoicing;
  • Relations and contacts with customers, government, classification boards, insurances, subcontractors and suppliers.


  • Support (specialist) the board of directors with regard to:
    • Shipyard organisation,
    • Sales,
    • Planning & control,
    • Personnel department.



1986-1988                  : University (Naval Architecture), Delft,

1982-1986                  : Institute of Technology (Naval Architecture) Haarlem,

1975-1982                  : Pre university education (β) Kampen.