SeaRiverTruck is a new sea-river ship for general and project cargo.
The SRT design offers the following features:

  • Seventy two meters rectangular shaped hold (220.160 cft.),
  • 4.450 ton deadweight at 4,49 meters,
  • Air draft of 8,80 meters in ballast condition,
  • Excessive stability, 7.800 m3 timber in air draft condition, no water ballast required,
  • Possibility to sail the SeaRiverTruck in a “light ship” condition (no waterballast required),
  • Two independent propulsion plants (always propulsion and maneuvrability available),
  • Excellent maneuverability capacity,
  • Uncomplicated constructions, PSPC coating and systems,
  • Unrestricted navigation, good seakeeping performance and low fuel consumption,
  • Loading & unloading aground,
  • Spacious and comfortable accommodation,
  • The design is complete and class approved,
  • Due to the advanced simplicity shipyards can offer to build for an affordable price.


searivertruck3hold SRT

The SRT can be adjusted with various options without loosing it’s basic economical simple character:

  • DP-2Dynamic Positioning system class 2,
  • Compact mobile crane for handling of cargo and ship systems over the complete length of the vessel,
  • Cargo rails tot extent the outer cargo deck area to 1100m2,
  • Tanker, for example palm oil,
  • etc.